Woman wearing a white shirt with the legend: "Dog lovers for Obama"

Change will come

We can’t wait for change to come to America! We have been waiting for it so long out here. We can no longer tolerate the culture of negativity and hatred, the culture of spending our money on making people across the world miserable.

What Obama will do will be unprecedented, we are sure of that. So many animal-related problems in our so-called prosperous country! There is room for improvement in all aspects of pet ownership, pet medicine and the protection of pets’ basic rights. How we treat the vulnerable animals shows how civilized and advanced our society is and so far we haven’t been scoring too many points.

It is a shame how many homeless dogs and cats are roaming the streets of our cities right here in America! Obama will take the money we spend on useless foreign campaigns and put it to use for the benefit of our American wild and domestic animals. We need more vet stations for the sick animals and we need government support for people who can’t afford quality care for their dogs and other pets.

Animal protection agencies need more funds to spend on advancing the rights of animals and carrying out counter-operations against abusers of animals. Obama as president will give his full attention to all these burning issues. We can’t wait for change to come! It’s been long coming!