Children, Animals and Songs

Children and animals. What is common? Actually, this not a question that demands a definite answer though it is clear that both kids and animals are creatures who do not quite realise the reality. I mean, that children need knowledge to be able to describe and analyse the world around and be able to explain natural phenomena. Animals in their turn do not develop their mind and they stay, let’s say, uneducated and won’t be able to live a real life without a help from people.

Both children and animals are very active and the young the child is the more active he/she is. Practically the same as with animals. The producers of photo-cameras always include such a mode Animals and children when it is necessary to shoot fast. No wonder that any kid song usually includes a comparison or even a simile with animals. That is really great as children adore animals, especially kittens and puppies and pets in their turn adore children. So to say a nice cohabitation which is enhanced by nursery rhymes about animals is to the best of your child.

If you ask what is offered today on the market of CDs and DVDs for children I will tell you that there is a nice story about Old Mcdonald who is an epic character practically in all the books, videos and songs for children. The latest song: old mcdonald kig song – is one of the best for children between 2 and 5.