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Dog Owners for Change

Today we find ourselves at the crossroads and we are faced with grave decisions to make. We dog owners should be a responsible unity to promote change. If you look at the Republican bunch it’s not difficult to see what they stand for is wrong on its face! Do you really want a world where a woman who kills huge animals without a wink to rule foreign policy? If Sarah Palin can do this to an innocent unsuspecting animal what can she do to people? If she can say ‘let’s go to war’ as easily as she puts on her ugly lipstick, what other shameful things can this country get itself into with such an emotional Prime Minister?

And do we really want our most vulnerable citizens left out in the cold? Do we really want the tax payers’ money squandered on wars rather than helping the sick, the poor, the vulnerable? We need money to make peace, to reduce our carbon imprint, to promote equal rights for our pets everywhere and to protect vanishing flora and fauna in this country and across the world!

We need a balanced egalitarian health system, our kids deserve decent education and our vulnerable senior citizens a chance for a dignified pension! All of this is impossible in the culture of greed and acquisitiveness the Republicans promote. Only Obama is an advocate of change who can really implement all those noble objectives into reality. All dog owners should unite for Obama! Only then change will come.