Small dog wearing an Obama T-shirt

Make Food Not War

It is a known fact that dog owners and pet lovers in general are a hearty, fun-loving and people-loving bunch. The odds are if you are humane to a vulnerable pet you will be humane to other people. So how about choosing a cold-blooded moose-killers with vague geographical assumptions about where Russia is for Prime Minster? If this is scary then consider other facts about Republican animal-haters.

We dog owners will not stand animal haters ruling our country. When people are ignorant about animal rights and especially when they willingly choose to kill an animal they show something of their true character, and these traits may reflect on their attitudes to humans. Chances are when they hate animals they will hate anyone different – gay, mixed-race, or anybody who stands out from the crowd. Of course they will pretend they are egalitarian and in the American spirit of freedom but this has nothing to do with reality, it’s just a rhetoric out to fool you.

People who don’t like animals will never be truly democratic and standing up for equal opportunities for all. Where is the logic in going to far away lands to bomb and persecute them instead of providing cheap canned dog food for every dog owner in the country? To us it makes no sense. If you are a dog lover feed your dog the best food you can some companies now cater to dogs by providing high quality dehydrated food and freeze dried food, these supplemental dog foods provide all the nutrition your dog will ever need.

If you are a dog lover and you love your country we encourage you to vote Obama when the election day comes.