Obama color illustration

Obama for the Future

In times of strife and rapid economic deterioration it is of utmost importance for all of us to unit for change. We all know that pet owners and especially dog owners are different. We love nature and we love each other, we are tolerant to different opinions and we will not let animal haters and cruel hunters into the White House!

All the dog owners of America should unite for a brighter future for our glorious country, and planet Earth in general. Obama is a gentle man who has a rare gift of wisdom in this unwise and hectic world. If we want peace, prosperity and justice to rule we need to be active and go out to cast our votes for Obama!

Do you really want someone who can actually kill an innocent animal to rule over us? Is that what our founding fathers were fighting for? This is far from the American dream of justice, equality and egalitarian approach for all, even our beloved pets. We shouldn’t waste this once in a millennium opportunity to finally get America back on track to a strong and proud future.

Every proud American dog owner should go and vote for Obama, his vision, his spirit and the changes we have been waiting for here forever! Don’t miss this glorious opportunity! Go and vote for Obama!