Man petting dog lying down in park

Quality Life for All

In the most civilized countries of the world the problems of dog-owners aren’t heard the way they should be. Here in America not everything is ok with our pet friends and especially the way the government treats them and their owners. But with the election of Barack Obama everything will be subject to change.

More and more people are saying we need to lower the prices for pet food in this country. Many problems with pets’ health start when people can’t afford the right nutrition for them. It’s true that many people eat in fast food restaurants and gorge on junk food and seem to be fine (on the surface at least). But when the same thing happens to animals, especially dogs and cats, the effects are detrimental to their digestion and general health. Cats and dogs simply can’t eat what humans eat and people of America simply can’t afford the canned dog food at the rates of today.

This leads to a number of problems. Malnutrition effects the animals’ behaviour and performance, and it’s a case of unintentional animal cruelty. Obesity among dogs and cats is on the rise and this is a serious problem. All of these issues will come to the core if Obama is elected. So we all should unite in the name of our pet friends and bark for Barack when the opportunity day comes. When it comes to conservatives we can understand why dogs might smell buts. Its understandable because its seems thats where most of there intelligence comes from. Check out eXtreme Dog Fence blog, great liberal site from a dogs perspective.