Smart Cats Need Smart Food Containers

My cat is a real little smarty-pants, and don’t think I’m not proud of it. But when it comes to keeping her from raiding her food supply between meals, well, I wouldn’t mind it if she dropped a few IQ points. She’s figured out how to open cabinets, tear through bags, anything to get at that kibble. Heck, she’s about ready to learn how to drive the store and buy some for herself! But finally, I’ve got a solution that not even a real Sir Isaac Mew-ton could outsmart.

The Vittle Vault Stackable Pet Food Storage Container has a screw on lid that is not only impossible for pussy paws to get a handle on, but it’s airtight, so it keeps her food as fresh as can be. The durable plastic of these dog food storage containers are plenty strong enough to stand up to her little claws, but that isn’t much of a problem these days. Since the container doesn’t let any food smell out, she hardly even bothers to try and outsmart me anymore.

Thanks to Vittle Vault, my little precocious kitty has had to find something else to spend all her brainpower on- so now, I just have to find a way to keep her from getting stuck up in the attic all day.